I used to watch documentaries in television and most of the time upon watching it I can see some evidences. Just merely looking around and observing in the province or even in the metro, you’ll obviously find the answer to the question of poverty in the country.

Poverty is one the major and most pressing problems that the Filipino people are facing today and it has been for a long time. It was a problem that should be talked and deliberated long ago so our country wouldn’t agonize so much. It’s definitely a fact and confirmed. There have been a lot of alleviation programs and platforms introduced and implemented by the government but the predicament retains on incipient.

Poverty is a problem everywhere even in developed nations, but more widespread in the Philippines. According to one article from UN, 30% of the Philippine population is living below poverty line, and a bigger portion of the remaining percent, is living on the poverty threshold. One of the reasons why Filipinos work abroad is for their family wont plunge into poverty. Why? Well definitely because the jobs here in the Philippines cannot give salary that is enough to at least live a comfortable life. Most often than not, the salaries are just for the food to be eaten three times a day. . . worst twice or just once.

I can still remember when I was a college student in Cabanatuan City, one of the topics discussed in my Economics class is the poverty level in the Philippines. I was the reporter then, I come to think and recall some of the reasons of poverty . . . too many to mention but the most striking is illiteracy or poor education in the country. I am an education student that’s why the center of the discussion falls more on the role of education and its impact to poverty. Other problems include unemployment, overpopulation, the unending graft and corruption, and economic debt.

A lot if not all countries have poverty problems like Philippines because poverty is not only limited to our country, there are also problem in poverty even in progressive countries like Canada and even in America. Some say that poverty is just in the minds of the people. Well it is true that Philippines is rich in natural and human resources but what makes the Philippines poor is the corruption in the government. We have the highest literacy rate in Asia and still we end up with no job and most of the Filipinos are living under the poverty line. Our country is the texting capital of the world. We have the most beautiful ladies in the land. And another thing, we got the 3 biggest malls in the world. Now, would you consider our country with dearth difficulties?

Filipinos are one of the most cheerful people in the world. There are things in life that money could not buy, one of which is happiness. No amount of money can buy peace and happiness. True peace and true happiness that is. According to the 2009 Happy Planet Index (HPI) published by the New Economics Foundation, the Philippines is the 14th happiest place in the world, up 3 places from last year’s 17th place ranking. The HPI index measures happiness combining life satisfaction, life expectancy and environmental footprint — the amount of land required to sustain the population and absorb its energy consumption.

There are still a lot of causes that makes poverty continue in our country. But no matter how we are devastated by these social dilemmas, there is still hope that we can impediment the present social impasse that strongly blocks the economic prosperity of the Philippines.

Our ideas and opinion are divided evenly. But what is really the real issue why poverty continues to shatter the mainstream of the Filipinos? . . . because we are still not united. I just want to share one of the most significant statements given by my pinup – Senator Manny Villar, according to him we cannot progress, we cannot end poverty and other problems of the country if we are not united . . . we have different preferences, ideas, beliefs and partialities. In Mathematics, WE HAVE DIFFERENT DENOMINATORS THAT’S WHY WE CANNOT BE ADDED.


2 thoughts on “PINAS POBREZA”

  1. very nice that’s the reality of our society not only in the philippines but all over the world, so that we need to pray hard. God is watching us

    1. Yes. I just also loved to share this things for others to be informed and somehow be an eye opener to all of us. I believe everyone is entitled to do his/her part so somehow contribute to CHANGE.

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