Do you want to add more dependability that your future will surely come? What are your preparations? . . . Ooopps wait, are you preparing? Are you sure? If not, spend some of your time reading this.

Though the future is coming, still the question is: “Do you care about your future?” I used my facebook account to beseech and ask for response of some of my friends and students about the aforementioned question. Here are some of their responses: “Certainly, I care about every aspect of my future… I hope to be married to the person of my dreams.” “Yes of course, it’s the only thing that keeps me moving forward.” “Yes! I think I actually worry too much about it.” “Yes, I want to be successful in life and hopefully set foot in the Kingdom of Heaven in the afterlife.” “I suppose, you know what sir Hep, I’m in a good school here in Manila but I still don’t know what I’ll be doing after graduation.” See? There are lots of reasons why do we have to care for the future. The last message that I have received states: “Not really, I like living in PRESENT . . . and I care for it!”. The message came from one of my good students in Cabanatuan City few months ago. I continue asking questions: “Why?” and my student answered: “Very simple, the future is the product of the present deeds.”. And then I make some hiatus, . . . then say: “Yeah right.”

Understanding horoscope or astrology is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. For many reason, it is considered as an art. Well horoscope astrology has its own significance as it depends upon people to believe it or not. Hence, it is totally depends upon your choice. Talking about the astrology and its predictions, most of the people go for it as it is one of the oldest sciences that tells about what the future holds.

When I was like 16 years old, for some reason I just can’t grasp any image in my mind where I will be in the near future. I constantly think of my future. I can’t even think of the career that I like most or just the course that I will be taking. I didn’t even write something about my ambition in my year book but surprisingly when I received my year book the profession that I really want to become was stated there (I don’t want to mention because I failed to achieved it.) What makes it difficult is the copious interest that attracts my attention. In short, I don’t have focus. A lot of people tell me that I am a flexible person. For many reasons, I agree to them. There are so many problems like that I used to think about. Thinking about the future really depresses me.

Before your future comes, you have to live today. First you have to understand your life. What motivates you to change your life? What are your priorities? What is the probability that it will gonna happen? Can you see pattern?

What are your values? Do you know why you should be concerned with your values? Hmmmm, . . . definitely because your values are your wheel, navigating you through your life. If you understand what your values really are, you’ll be more likely to choose the right value when you’re about to choose under circumstances . . . and that’s future!

After understanding life, the next step is to explore. What defines an individual is his/her experience in life. We can learn a lot of things through explorations. Like in mathematics, when we do not know how to get the answer, we can do trial and error.

The last thing that you should do is to PLAN. You have to have a vision for your future. Why do you need a vision? Your vision of your future is a journey’s end, a goal to aim for and an abode to go. You need to have a target— a destination. If you think your plan will fail, you should have alternative/s. But most importantly you should have plan for you to be guided.

Some people have a little trouble with the concept of creating a vision of their future, their life ten years from now, because the image is too big and too complex. I suggest that you break your life into your priorities and arrange them to their level of significance to your life and then start your FUTURE.

You might agree to me that it’s a scary thought if we could be plagued with just worrying for the rest of my life. But I guess, we have to live life in the present rather than to worry about the future or become upset about what histories have done us. If not, I think these thoughts could just cripple our mind. 🙂


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