It was Wednesday evening when me and my officemates went to SM Megamall to watch the advance screening of The Darkest Hour directed by Chris Gorak. We are actually excited because again we can watch movie for free, not because it is really for free but because we entreaty for ticket in the booth of Magic 89.9. Thank you Magic!

The film is another story about alien incursion. Watching it in 3D makes it more interesting to watch. I must say, I enjoyed viewing it. Every single passage and act made me contemplate and undeniably astonish with the effects and transitions. In the movie, the new gimmick shown is that aliens are invisible, and when they kill people, they basically turn them to dust. You know what’s funny about this movie; I’m really scared because I might be in the form of dust momentarily and I feel like I am in the that place also.

The movie doesn’t really become interesting till the way cooler Russian character show up. They are real men and women, unlike the good-looking Americans, who deserve to be turned into dust. I do not know if the director wants to convey that Russians are tougher than Americans. The special effects in the movie are really fantastic. There’s a lot of levelheaded scenes to be found that will make you shout and even squeal. Even though then movie The Darkest Hour is rated PG-13, it provides loads of deaths, and lots of tense moments over a plot.

For me, the movie is not perfectly made and not conceptually advances but for those who love altered scenarios, alien pugnacious, and endurance fictions, The Darkest Hour is a nice digression of your plea.

I enjoyed it. If you like action and extra-terrestrial thingimabob, The Darkest Hour is worth your time and your 400 pesos. If you’ll gonna ask me to escort you to watch the movie again, I’ll still accompany you! That’s a promise!


PlotAmerican web designers Sean and Ben fly to Moscow to sell their idea of a social networking site for global travellers, only to find that their Swedish colleague Skyler has stolen their designs and sold the site himself. Commiserating in a Moscow nightclub, they meet two American girls Natalie and Anne. Just then the power goes out. Outside, they see lights coming down from the sky that then spread out and disintegrate every person they touch. 

The group seek refuge in the club’s basement. When they emerge the next day, they find the entire city deserted, everybody else having been wiped out. As they try to make their way to safety, they find themselves at prey from the invisible alien creatures that track them by their heat signature. Joining a handful of other survivors, they try to find a means of fighting back against the aliens.


Hmmmm… I have a lot of dark hours in my life, but the darkest one…hmmmmm.  I think I don’t have it yet because I believe when that happens, I can’t survive anymore. I am really afraid of painful emotions which include dread but my greatest fear is not death. I can frankly say I do not fear death; no, it is only life I fear.

Life has so numerous things that can transpire, there is a boundless mishmash that can be shaped and consequently there is nothing in life can be truly definite and assured. We are not certain about the trials that might take place tomorrow or tomorrow’s tomorrow. We cannot also predict the nature or kind of emotions that can will feel, excluding the tragedies and wraths we have in life.

Nevertheless, death is certain. I know that when we die, my name will fade away and our body will decompose. By then we will feel no pain, no fear; and will no longer be cognizant about the world that we wished to change.

How about you? Do you have darkest hour? What is that? Don’t be shy to share it unless posting or giving comment is your darkest hour. lol



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