First day of the month of love . . .  hmmmm . . . it was a rainy morning. I traveled going to office with distress because I left my aegis. I’m also not feeling well but I have to report to my work. I’m on way to my workplace when I evoke that this is first time that I will not be seeing the event of Cabanatuan Day. Year on year, I watch Bb. Cabanatuan not just because I famine but because every year I have my friend or my student who is a contestant of that prestigious and most awaited event of Cabanatueños. Unluckily I will now be able to watch it and use my spare time meeting my high school and college friends and classmates.

It was tedious day . . . just construct test items, revise questions, variate some queries and again check and check and check . . . seeking for perfection (entity that is awful). However, when we get off to the office, me and my officemates went to SM Megamall to watch the advance screening of Chronicle. Again, the movie is for free because we request for the movie ticket from the guard of Magic 89.9. Thank you Magic’s guard! You are chronicle! Lol.

Before watching the movie, we need to feedstuff our intestine. I’m with Ma’am Shayne, Ma’am Ydel and her husband when I heard my stomach almost rebellious with large intestine and about to eat the small one. We had our dinner PG 13 somewhere in Pavilion mall . . . it was a splendid one because the food was really great that we almost forget that we will be watching movie. Waaah! Run! Run! Run! We will be late (as if there is penalty for late comers. Lol!)

We arrived in the movie house almost late. Too nice because we don’t have to fall in line because definitely almost everybody was there na. (konyo?) I’m like hesitant pa nga to sit in front cause its vast talaga and its like nobody wants to sit there kc its baka for DJ of Magic. Since we don’t have choice anymore, we sit there na nga feeling that we will be having massage and foot spa or pedicure thing. Watta lavish chair!  The DJ go in front na and welcome everybody before the show. (hala, pretending to be konyo talaga) There’s a raffle pa that since we are in front we are like so excited because we don’t have to run ng malayo. Tan tana nannnn!!! My ticket number is 96 and Ma’am Shayne’s number is 95, . . . you know what’s odd? There are like numbers 94 and 97  were called! Waaaaahh! I felt so blue. 😦  And then the movie started. As expected, there’s a lot of movie trailers. Lights off. The movie is there na!

The movie begins from the famous question “What would you do if you suddenly and inexplicably acquired superpowers”? In the movie, the superpowers are bestowed to the three high school students: friendly, Steve, Matt and  Andrew (Matt’s cousin). The other cast of the film includes the drunken abusive father of Andrew and his dying mother, the rest I can’t recall anymore not because if forget but rather they not significant at all because the story revolves to the 5 character that I have mentioned.

Chronicle is the story of three high school friends who gain the power of telekinesis after making an incredible discovery. Armed with a video camera, the boys document the amazing supernatural powers they now possess.

At first they use their newfound abilities for harmless fun, but they soon start to push the limits of their powers as they begin to learn what they are truly capable of. The movie takes a dark turn when one of the group abuses his gifts at the expense of other people, forcing the friends to set strict ground rules on how their powers should be wielded. But the rules are inevitably broken forcing the trio question the bonds of their friendship as their lives spin out of control.

Starring relative newcomers Michael B Jordan, Michael Kelly and Alex Russell as the three teens, and directed by Josh Trank, this movie offers a new perspective on the comic book idea of an ordinary person armed with supernatural strengths.

The movie Chronicle has all the veracious ingredients: small budget, excellent script, diverse story and with prodigious moral lesson. It takes the concept to a firsthand idea. Whereas former flicks in the genre have stuck to one camera or two cameras, Chronicle’s narrative changes throughout which is really amazing. There are times that Andrew, floats the camera around with his telekinetic powers.

This movie was fascinating from start to finish. The unstable hand-held camera method worked really well and the main actors put in solid and believable performances helping the viewer to really buy in to the series of fantastical events they were witnessing. The effects are beautifully done too – and while the climax feels a little over the top at times, Chronicle represents an intelligent, smartly made new entry into the genre. An eye-opener indeed!

I found myself wondering, what would I do with such amazing super powers? What would it take for me to slide down a darker path to right the perceived wrongs in my life? Like what the saying goes: “with great power comes great … RESPONSIBILITY”.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “CHRONICLE”

  1. wow… i missed quarter chef in Sm Mega mall. theres a lot of delicious food,, cakes and ice cream.. i missed kuya gary the manager of quarter chef.. anyways i want to watch that movie,, maybe after this camp in innobel,, ill buy the dvd of chronicle,, ill watch it in our house together with my pamangkin,, chronicle is one of the books in bible? am i right ? haha nag enjoy ako sa kwento mo,, ramdam ko ung excitement ! bow.. 😀

  2. wahahah! yeah! Go0o0ow!!! What is the camp all about? . . . you can also create your own blog about your experiences . . aor about your school 🙂 I’ll wait for that!

  3. hi, even if i have no time to watch this film i think it’s good though..but I’m really planning to watch ..maybe after the midterms i will be able to watch..I hope you win, Sir..good luck..

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