It’s just a run of the mill day . . . after concluding the routine of the daylight hours; I need to live through the schedule of my tummy. Waaahh! It’s eating time! I’m with my ally less than a thousand minutes ago, when we decided to eat to a place where not even a soul was there to eat. Good for us we spot this restaurant in the hi-way where nobody’s there . . . eating. Yes! Max Restaurant! We just prefer to eat that nobody’s beside us or at back . . . just like any other spree. We ordered food that we thought that our abdomen will gonna loved to digest. After ordering we just discuss some stuffs about photography and blogging.  What’s next? Of’ course … picture taking! Click click! click! Lol!

I agree that Filipinos are fond of eating. We like to eat because when we are hungry there’s a lot of food available in the country . . . on top we have very tasty dishes and we enjoy being in company and take a lot of fun eating good foods. In fact, we have our complete meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks in between, plus a snack at midnight. We eat a lot despite of our poor economic conditions. Not to mention the reason that the climate that we have in our country is warm enough that leads to thirst, and if you’re thirsty then why not eat while on the way.

Basically, it’s the company of other people that triggers the love of Filipinos to eat . . . we love eating with a lot of group, friends, relatives and the like. It’s the sharing of food perse not the food itself. This is the reason why we prefer to eat with others, that even we don’t like the food, we’ll gonna enjoy eating with them chatting, laughing and telling some stories or experiences which were even talked for more than 10 times. Well, its really the precious moments that we shared.

People in general like to eat food. It’s not only in the Philippines that this is a custom. Well I think love for eating is universal. For those who don’t like food, I’ll give you my sympathy! Haha! Correct me if I’m wrong. We strictly observed regular mealtimes. We don’t usually skip our lunch whereby our stomachs know when it is noon already. Am I right? I can see you nodding your head. Haha!

How about you? Why do you love to eat?

“To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” – Edmund Burke


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