This post is just a survey. I posted a question last 1st day of the love month: “What is your plan this February 14”. I’m so curious what you do people plan for Valentine Day. It’s coming soon . . . very soon . . . about an hour before posting this blog. Do you buy a card? Flowers? Chocolates? What? Tell me! Well, well well, . . . here are the responses:

It’s nice to read their plans . . . right? Some are simple and some are quite extravagant. Don’t get me wrong, its not the simplicity of an act that matters but our way of making our plan into reality. I do hope we will have a momentous and meaningful Valentine’s day . How about you? What’s your plan?


9 thoughts on “PLAN ON FEBRUARY 14”

  1. First thing in the morning thank God for giving me a healthy heart. Enough to share knowledge to my learners, to touch lives, to give inspiration and faith..To continue make a difference in a student’s life – both in and out of the classroom. For giving me the opportunity to experience not only the rudiments in teaching but also the profound one.
    Be with my student and co-teachers.. Eat and eat and eat..

    1. Wow! Teacher na teacher ha! how about ina? Yeah… you have class pala. Anyway that’s what makes teaching the noblest profession…though we do have occasion or events in life, we still have ti teach and inspire more souls (students). I hope that this day will be a great day to you ama! Godspeed 🙂

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