JOHN ARIES D. TUDLA, Outstanding Student of the Philippines – Region III

by: Hep Benitez

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” This quotation by Albert Einstein is one of the best examples that I have given and inculcated to the newly awarded Outstanding Student of the Philippines, Region III – ARIES. 

I have known John Aries D. Tudla, or simply Aries for like 4 years now. Since first year, he has been a very active participant of my class. He used to lead the group and topped the class at the end of the semester. Though there are times that he can’t attend to my class because he has job or the cases that he is very sluggish inside my class. Those instances have given me a lot of things to fonder about him. He is such an incomparable students and amazing son of his parents. While studying, he used to work as service crew in McDonald’s Cabanatuan City after or before his class starts, not to mention that he is an altar sever in the school during masses and other religious events, programs and activities.

I have been Aries’ classroom statistics teacher, adviser in student council, adviser in diverse organizations, programs and activities inside and outside the school premises. I consider him as the most notable students I ever had. He is not just good academically, but also he dedicated himself as exceptional leader and community servant in order to make a difference. He thinks for the future, learns from the past, and acts in the present needs. Indeed he is a good leader! He reflects on past events to plan for future events. He is a good influence to others to participate. He welcomes participation and input from others, and encourages members to participate and contribute to group activities. He pushes himself to learn more, work harder, and compete for the greater good. He seeks the challenge and opportunity to grasp responsibility for oneself and advocate for others. He also listens before speaking. Most importantly, he has the guts make a change specially in touching the lives of other people.

Aries is a “ROLE MODEL” inside and out. He is a model of academic excellence, incomparable moral values, ideal leadership, and socio-civic consciousness. Almost everybody in the school knows him for being such a great person of passion, dedication and love for education. Though he has an assortment of financial difficulties faced almost throughout his college life, he remained to be strong and be the best person that he can in the best way possible. I just don’t know where he is getting all the powers and vigor despite all the odds. He is habituated to become emcee in different activities, school representative in contest, speaker in seminar and organizer of programs and events.

I also joined TOSP when I am in college and represented NEUST in the region, but to tell you honestly, I firmly believe I’m just a part of a ten of what JOHN ARIES TUDLA is. He also inspired me to be the best mentor and adviser for everybody. With all his achievements and successes, I can say that God has truly blessed him for all the good things he has done for others. Aries is a pride of today’s youth generation! He’s really exceptional! Without a doubt, an OUTSTANDING STUDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES! Thank you for the organizers of TOSP Region III for choosing Aries as one of the recipients of the most distinguished award in the land TOSP!


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