“On your birthday, wish for that which seems impossible, but start with working on the feasible.”

I’m about to take a rest when I opened my fb account and look for some updates. Though I’m sick and really not feeling well, I really have to do an imperative thing through blogging to make the birthday girl smile . . . in the person of Ms. Danica Pucolangas.

Danica is one my students in the subject Business Statistics at the College of the Immaculate Conception. She is a diligent student who is also a student assistant in the school. When the time that she was my student, she was assigned in the school canteen and every time that I go there for lunch, she constantly grant a grin. After successfully passing my subject, we’ve been friends because of Sir Dennis and I think Albert, my student also. We even find time hang  out, eat and eat more! Haha!

She’s a kind and a big-hearted person. I like her kindness a lot, probably is the first quality that a person must have. Her character is very good and this is something I think wouldn’t change. She has always loved eating (lol) playing guitar and singing, she loves doing it, and really, she does it very well, it’s her specialty. She makes my life real fun, I do remember the time that we are playing every night in my apartment for like a week. We are playing puzzles and “patong” (I don’t know how to call it but what we are doing is that we throw the rubber puzzle and when it touch the other puzzle chip, you will get all of the chips <I don’t think there is such game>). I think she is the person whom a lot of people love the most for being a friendly and cheerful girl. She makes me smile and be always happy.

I admire Danica because she is a very sturdy girl, an excellent friend and the best daughter of her mother. She always knows what to say to make people smile, she is very responsible and for all this and other things I think that she is a very nice person. When we are together (with Banjo) we have a very goodtime. I used to call her and talk a lot of funny things and stories (not relevant to mention/ too many to mention/ too fishy to mention/ all of the previous haha!)

Danica, I wish that you will be this day, that your dreams and wishes come true. I hope all the fun and excitement that only birthday can bring. From the bottom of my heart, DANICA HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may the best of your wishes be the least of what you get!


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