by: Hep Benitez  | 07:14 P.M. | Thursday, 26 June 2014
“In life we don’t always get what we want; hopes and dreams get washed away so easily, hearts are broken, chances are missed, and we always seem to end up right back where we started.”― Rebecah McManus

Makati City, Philippines―It was a not so sunny Thursday morning. I woke up early, packed again, and got ready for my work.

Currently, I am residing in a unit situated nearby my office and is about 5–7 minute-walk away. I decided to come early to the office and enjoy walking, look for different settings, lofty buildings, numerous automobiles, sidewalk vendors, and traffic enforcers.

Along my way, somebody catched my attention which is nearly resembling the picture below:


I just pause, look at the boy sleeping, and asked myself: “Why do people always ask for more? Why do we have unlimited wants? Why we are always displeased and  fed up?” Why oh Why?

We know what we want more than anything. Unfortunately, no matter what we do, the world just doesn’t seem to offer it to us. Do you know why? After this question, the following questions will most likely comes after:

What am I grateful for?

Why can’t things get better?

Why can’t things get better?

Why can’t things get better?

How can I create balance to my life?

How can I bring happiness into my life?

Why can’t things just be easier, simpler?

How can I utilize this for a greater purpose?

Why there’s a lot of questions in my mind?

What can I do to develop the eminence of my life?

The question “Why we can’t we get what we want?” is parallel to the usual questions that we had in life. Perhaps we can also think that it’s not always about the wants but also the needs. We might not get what we want but we can get what we need. Most importantly, we usually get what exactly we deserved.

Solemnly, I am so thankful because God has blessed me with paramount things in this realm. I presume, He has given me the best of each kind—family, friends, knowledge, talents, aptitudes, gifts, experiences, and the best environment where I can hone and perfect my limitations.

Come hell or high water, I have stumbled across the real meaning of fairness. This has been the uncertainty that I tried to answer in this post.

It ended up with the conclusion that we always seem to end up right back where we started. We will always be (and forever be) the one to make the stories and complete every piece of puzzle of our future, no one else.

I have spoken.



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