Friends Forever After

by Hep Benitez | i-Tech Digital Productions | 03:45 P.M. | Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Makati City, Philippines—It was a not so good day, Wednesday morning, 24 September 2014. I was going to start typing on my keyboard but a cockroach ran across my desk so I have had to clean my counter. Yuk! A not a good start to the day.

Because my boss is not around, I was like thinking of doing other things before focusing on the tasks assigned to me for the day—editing Grade 9’s Singapore Math manuscript, finalizing artwork list, and copy editing proofs. I told myself, “If there will be Wi-Fi, then I will open facebook for an hour or two!”

Luckily, I had a chance to open my fb even during office hours. I thought of looking some friends who can accompany me for a lunch or just a cup of coffee. There you go! I saw Mr. Alvin V. Pascual online. He have just arrived last Friday from Brunei for the Bench The Naked Truth, Cosmo Bash, many more events, and definitely for a vacation with his family.

Hep Benitez (3)

I was able to set a lunch date with him at Glorietta 1. What’s funny thing is that, I am waiting for him at Greenbelt 1 and I told him to go to Glorietta 1. Good thingy: I got his digit before I finally went out of the office.

While I am on my way going to the set place, I was like discerning that it is very surprising to know that I will meet your long time friend after numerous years of no communication—no hi or hello, no text, no e-mail . . . just fb. J

It has been fifteen long years, we were in high school then, and it seems nothing has changed. I was like wondering and keep on thinking about the changes or just a single discrepancy of who we are before and at this instant. Probably, it’s just the time that has changed, no more, no less.

I can’t remember a fight, problems, and glitches that we had before—when we were still young. If there were any, then it would have been a very marginal issue.

Back then, Alvin used to be one of most studious among my classmates. He never failed to astonish each and teacher that we had from sophomore to senior high school.


Food for the Hungry

Looking for the best food in the metro at the middle of the mall is big challenge. Great that we have found one. Here’s what we’ve got!

Hep Benitez (1)

Virtuous, appetizing, flavorsome, and sumptuous lunch made our tummy even more bigger than what is anticipated.


Way Back in the Days Gone By

As expected, we have shared many stories both from our experiences and know-hows. Our discussion even touched our High School friends namely, Rose Ann, Melanie, Reimond, Princess, Ellen, Rommel, Lloyd, Bernie, Alberto, Melvin, Renz, Dennis, Edward, Raniel, Adrian, Erlito, Christian, Sarah,  Marvin, Rosecelle, Ida, Madeline, Rose Marie, Joanne, Kristina, and of course, his best of friend—Eric Exaltacion. And of course our magnificent teachers namely, Ma’am Parfan, Ms. Yap, Ms. Manglicmot, Ms. Olboc, Ms. Alvarez, Ms. Alla, Ms. Hufano, Sir Inigo, and our loving adviser Ms. De Guzman. We really had a lot of chikas and talkies about the treasured moments way back in the days gone by.  This calls for a reunion!

To all my I-Sampaguita, II-Rizal, III-Narra, and III-IV-Rizal classmates in NEHS, Batch 2003, I am calling your attention! Make some noise guys!

Not long after that, we have conferred great plans and ambition along the way. We have concluded that He has His big reasons for everything and everything has been planned already; but then we agreed that we were still the masters of our fate.


Talking About Love

Guess what? We can now talk about love! I am sure-fire of holding it in; indeed, we’re not kids anymore and were not younger any longer. I will just skip most of our discussion here (Rate SPG) Excuse me po!

Bottom-line, we do what our heart wants us to do. Anybody could offer up his or her opinion, but in the end it’s not what would make you happy or even happier. What would make us happy is following what we think, subsequent to much deliberation of course. After all, we have what we wanted in life and what we need to do is what we think are best for us.

Just like what the others say, “You will never know until you do and you may kick yourself if you don’t.”

Thanks Alvin for partaking your priceless time with me. . .’til next time my friend.

Hep Benitez (2)


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