Dr. Mark Agas, The Handsome Ophthalmologist

by Hep Benitez | 01:05 P.M. | Monday, 20 April 2015

Do you want your eyes be checked by Dr. Agas? Meet this hot ophthalmologist.

Mark Agas Hep Benitez

He is Dr. Mark Sylvester Agas, 32, a resident ophthalmologist in the St. Luke’s Medical Center since 2013. He is also a model and was included in the Cosmo 69 Bachelor.

Mark Agas is an “Iskolar ng Bayan.” He finished his bachelors degree at University of the Philippines (UP) and studied Medicine at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) from which he graduated in 2011. He was also an intern at Cardinal Santos Medical Center from May 1, 2011 up to April 30, 2012.

Apparently, Dr. Agas, 5’11” in height, is already becoming an internet sensation and the eye candy of all the netizens. He is now considered as the total package dream guy.

The following are some of his good-looking pictures circulating on social-media sites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The video below displays Dr. Agas doing some thingamabob in front of a computer concerning the patient’s condition. He continued to work while talking to the one taking the video.


One of the clients of Dr. Agas posted this on Facebook:

Mark Agas Hep Benitez

Doc Mark also became one of the trending topics of Universities community pages like The FEU Files.

Mark Agas Hep Benitez

Ladies, I’m sorry to make a fuss over your fantasy but Doc Mark is already taken.

Below  are some of the doctor’s hot photos.

Here are some pictures that captures escapades and his love for his dogs.

Mark Agas Hep Benitez


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