Christopher Sengseng, The Handsome KFC Manager

by Hep Benitez | 07:14 A.M. | Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Do you want more gravy? Meet this hot KFC manager.


Just yesterday, we’ve seen the viral video of the handsome ophthalmologist and now, another instant online celebrity has been revealed on different social medias.

Christopher Sengseng, is in everyone’s sensor today because his photo was a hit to world’s most active social-media users—the Filipinos.

His photo on Facebook, posted by somebody, gathered more than 30,000 likes now.

Below is the photo of the muscular manager, Christopher, taken by a customer while eating at KFC. The photo was taken while refilling the gravy cup of a customer.

Christopher Sengseng

Who’s That Manager?

Christopher Sengseng, 5’11” in height, is a branch manager of a KFC outlet along North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). Before he started working at KFC, he used to work at Fontana Leisure Parks and Casino and do modeling stint as well.

He finished his bachelors degree at Angeles Foundation University (AUF), Angeles City, Pampanga and his basic education, elementary and secondary, and New Era University (NEU) and AUF respectively.

Christopher Sengseng

He has grown an audience of more than 12,000 Facebook followers.

Christopher Sengseng

A quick search via Google will show the following photos:

Manager Christopher’s sexy photos went trending as well. Check out some of his pictures below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Who’s Stalking the Manager?

Everyone, especially girls, even stalked his social media accounts and searched for information about Christopher.

Admirers are really eager to know where he works, for them to personally this handsome manager.

On Facebook, there are lots of jokes thrown about the manager and the gravy. Here are some of the comments:

“Sheeeet finger lickin good, Mare.”

“Gravvvvyyyyy plsssss…. haha!”

“Kung ganyan ba naman kasarap ang gravy eh hindi na ako ever bibili ng chicken sa KFC.”

“Guys and gals check ko sya tom if its true na s SM PAMPANGA c pogi. Dumadaan aq mismo dun sa gate na yun mismo tpat ng terminal ng PUJ 2 at VAN Sm Pampnga to ha Annex 4 bk nmn SM SN FERNANDO ehehe”

“3 ang SM DITO SM PAMPANGA, SM SAN FERNADO AT SM CLARK. Sure kayo KFC SM PAMPANGA sya duty kc prang d familiar ang face lge ako dun eh”

“Saan to? Nang makapagpabuhos ng gravy sa buong katawan!!! Manok lang peg!”

“Wag ipagdamot kung saang branch yan share your blessings.”

Again, Christopher is a branch manager of a KFC outlet along North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)—KFC NLEX.

Who’s That With the Manager?

Some admirers even stalked Christopher’s personal account and found out that he’s already married.

Christopher Sengseng

Christopher was already married to Myhlles Anne Estacio and he already has a handsome baby.

However, some still admires him even if he is already married.

Here are some pictures with his wife and son.

Who will be the next after Dr. Mark Sylvester Agas and Christopher Sengseng?


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