Angel Locsin Luis Manzano

Angel Feels so Lucky

by Hep Benitez | 06:25 A.M. | Tuesday, 22 April 2015

Angel Locsin considers herself lucky to have TV host Luis Manzano as her boyfriend.

 Araw ng mga Gwapo

Angel Locsin Luis Manzano

Luis Philippe Santos Manzano (born April 21, 1981), celebrated his birthday yesterday with his family and close friends. This  34-year old TV host, VJ, and model is the son of award-winning actors, Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos.

The Love Of Her Life

In the Instagram account of Angel Locsin (@therealangellocsin), she called the birthday celebrator the “love of my life” in the caption of a picture.

Angel Locsin Luis Manzano

Luis is Loved by Many 

Angel greeted Luis a happy birthday as she posted a video singing Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” for her.

In Angel’s Instagram post, she acknowledged how Luis is loved by many. According to here, that is because they see what a good person he is. Angel then ended her dedication by saying how lucky she is that Luis loves her.

Below is the screenshot of the video taken during Manzano’s birthday celebration.

Angel Locsin Luis Manzano

The Next Birthday Celebrator

Tomorrow, 23 April 2015, Angel Locsin will be celebrating her 30th birthday. In an Instagram post, she said that she is not used to celebrating her birthday and she doesn’t feel excited about turning 30.

On her list are the 30 ways to celebrate, 30 acts of kindness, 30 things to do, etc. Overall, she wants to witness SOMETHING MAJESTIC.

Angel Locsin Luis Manzano

Planning their Wedding

Angel and Luis are not yet engaged, but they are already discussing the details of their wedding.

In fact, they are already thinking who will sing at their wedding.

Angel Locsin Luis Manzano

In an interview, Luis implied that when the time comes for him to propose to Angel, he will keep it low-key.

“The proposal itself, I would rather keep it private. Hindi ko naiisip gawin sa TV. I believe it’s something very personal, something very sacred na mas maganda kung kayo na lang,” Luis said.


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