Atty. Aurelio “Oyie” M. Umali is the youngest elected governor of Nueva Ecija. He graduated Bachelor of Laws degree at San Beda College in Manila in 1990, Master in Business Administration in  De La Salle University and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of Sto. Tomas. In Congress, he was awarded as one of the 30 outstanding new congressional representatives of the 12th Congress on the basis of quality and quantity of proposed bills; participation and attendance in plenary sessions and committee deliberations; advocacies on issues that impact on the daily lives of the Filipino people; and services rendered to his congressional district. He was also one of the few congressional representatives chosen to comprise the Philippine Delegation headed by House Speaker Jose C. de Venecia Jr. to the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization (AIPO) in Bangkok, Thailand; Hanoi in Vietnam and Jakarta, Indonesia.

That’s our governor! Dekalibre! Well, the purpose of this blog is not to know him by statistics and record but to know him in a deeper and private comportment. I just want to share this to the world . . . a story of calligraphies beyond triumph and inspiration.

It was April 3, 2010, Good Friday when I have sent a message to the dearest governor of Nueva Ecija. I am unambiguous to round about my high regards to him as one of his scholars in U-Schoolarship Program. The letter reads:

Governor Oyie,

Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I am in high spirits that you are at a halt willing to serve our province NUEVA ECIJA. I am one of your scholars Batch ’07 at NEUST, Sumacab Campus. I am JEFFREY E. BENITEZ, BSEd- Mathematics graduated CumLaude, Student Leader of the Year etc. I am at timid to write you a letter which is something bizarre. I just want to say THANK YOU for giving me an opportunity to pursue my goal and that is to become a TEACHER. I am now teaching at the College of the Immaculate Conception (CIC), handling college mathematics and Education subjects also at the Nueva Ecija Colleges (NEC-“Doctors”) as part-time instructor teaching Mathematics and Sciences subjects. This will not be possible without your greatest contribution to my life. I failed to say THANK YOU personally but I believe this simple way will lessen my burden in my mind because I believe I can do more than what you have given me. Thanks you for serving as a good inspiration and guide specially to the youth of Nueva Ecija. Thankful po talaga ako kasi po hindi ko po kayo makalimutan.

When I was a skolar palang po ako, naging malapit napo kayo sa puso ko. Ako po yung skolar na nakaktext nyo po na nagbibigay po ng updates sa inyo about po sa pamamalakad ng namumuno sa amin sa scholarship program. Kung natatandaan nyo pa po ako po yung taga-Bangad, Cabanatuan City na nung undas po nun eh pupuntahan nyo po sana ako sa bahay po namin at bibilin nyo po sabi nyo yung puto na tinda ng Lola ko. Sobra ko po saya kasi you touched my life more than what you have expected. You motivated me a lot!

Maraming maraming salamat po sa lahat! Ipagpatuloy nyo po ang magandang kalooban sa ating probinsya. Salamat po sa lahat at nawa po ay pagpalain po kayo lagi ng Poong Maykapal! Mabuhay po kayo…mahal naming Gobernador!


Governor responded:

I was actually shocked when I open my account that our Governor responded to my message. At first, I even ask if he is the one who answered my dispatch, to confirm I texted him and again he replied. Well, according to record (my statistics) he often text me late night maybe after his busy day. It was already 12 o’clock that time. I answer back:

Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there. – Clarence W. Hall

This is one of the reflections from my readings today. I hope you will like it also because it reminds us that everything is not permanent and we cannot please everybody. Just see to it that we will always act what has to be done in good and right in God’s guidance.

I’m so in high spirits with regards to your response and think that I should have done better but I was really surprised when I noticed the time you made the response. I really appreciate it! Rest assured that you haven’t wasted your time because it means a lot to me. You are one of my deities. If you still need help for your campaign, we (u-scholar graduates) are more than willing to do our part as volunteers. I’ll be one of them . Of’course our support will always be there. More power.

Happy Easter po! May God bless you and your family more abundantly!


Yesterday, January 25, 2012, Governor Oyie celebrated his natal day.  I greeted him in his facebook account like what a lot people did. Afterwards, I searched his twitter account, unluckily, I failed to search it that’s why I just give him a message which states:

Happy Happy Birthday! It’s your day our dearest governor! I’m one of your proud scholars who is now making my own name in the field of Education, Politics and Arts. I’m now an math book writer and college instructor, currently residing in Makati. Just want to say THANK YOU for having such wonderful scholarship program that helped to where and what I am now. Hope to continue what u hev started Gov. Happy Birthday po muli! Mahal po namin kayo sampo ng mga ü-skolars!

As expected, he responded . . . however it is an unanticipated one:


I’m thrilled to rejoin:

It’s my honor to receive such wonderful message from our very own father of Nueva Ecija. I hope you will continue what God has given you, the passion, the power to lead and unending wisdom. Don’t worry Gov. I believe you have done one of the greatest dream of scholars. Even in little things i think we can pay it forward by being such great Novo Ecijano, with pride and honor! Were so blessed to have you Gov. I’m willing also to share this to the entire world tomorrow, Novo Ecijanos will hear my voice. Please check it tomorrow in

This is the rationale of this post. I hope somehow I have given you a birds-eye-view of the nature and personality of our dearest governor. . . GOVERNOR AURELIO “Oyie” MATIAS UMALI.

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24 thoughts on “Governor AURELIO OYIE MATIAS UMALI”

  1. nice…sana tuloy tuloy na pag asenso ng NE, lalo na ang pag litaw ng kagalingan sa lahat ng larangan ng mga kabataan

  2. OO nga po. Nwei magagaling naman tlga Novo Ecijanos! Next time feature ko mga tlgang mahuhusay nating mga kababayan 🙂 Thanks po sapatuloy na pagsuporta sa blog ko. Keep on reading. . . hope you like it 🙂

  3. i was shocked naman that i’ve learned that your writing blogs for NE your such a pride of NOVO ECIJANOS keep on doing the ryt track sir HEP!! nice one..

  4. Ang galing nyo naman po Mr. Benitez nakakainspire po kyo. And also to our bel0ved Govern0r ang galing nyo po. Proud to be Novo ecijano..


    I also proud of you with my family gov,, umali your the one,,best and good govenor,,,
    sana po di kayu magsawang tumulong sa mga katulad nmen na wala,,, di po kayo mag sisi sa tulong na ginwa nyo sa pamilya ko dahil mula noon hanggang ngayun kau po ang bukang bibig ng tatay ko na,, sobrang bait mo po,,

    maraming salamt po sa lhat,,, we love you govenor,, umali,,

  6. I have reached this age and experience that somehow made me realize that despite all the problems iam confronted on a regular basis,it takes just one nice act just like you did hep and everything feels ok. I learned something from you hep. Mentor me and inspire others aswell. Maraming Salamat. Proud to be Novoecijano.

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